Saturday, January 17, 2004

SONGS in my head today:Gorecki's Symphony No.3: Sorrowful Songs, Dvorak's Symphony no. 8, Mellon Collie and the Infinite sadness [Pumpkins] (and most especially Fuck You (Ode to No one) and 1979), and Intellectualise My Blackness [Skunk Anansie] over and over and over again.
Oh, and "Jamming with the Boozeman", played loudly to the tune of "Jammin'".

SAINT OF THE DAY St. Anthony of Egypt, the Abbot (251-356).
Patronage: (list not exhaustive) against pestilence, for amputees, animals, basket weavers, butchers, cemetery workers, epilepsy, epileptics, gravediggers, graveyards, hermits, Hospitallers, monks, pigs, skin diseases and rashes, swine, swineherds.
The founder of the Christian monastic tradition; at twenty he sold off all his inheritance except that which he needed to maintain he and his sister after hearing Matthew 19:21 in a church, and then went to live in the desert. He lived there, with 3 or 4 interruptions - notably in 305 to guide those who wished to follow his example, in 311 to strengthen the Alexandrian Christians against persecution and in 350 to preach against Arianism - for the rest of his life.
The story is told of him that he once wrestled the devil, after which he was weary and seemed dead, at which time God came to him and to Anthony's question "where were you when I needed you?", He answered "I was here. I was watching your struggle. Because you didn't give in, I will stay with you and protect you for ever".
His biography was written by Saint Athanasius

SAINT TRUMPS In order of priority :
-BVM trumps all,
-Apostles trump all except BVM,
-Gospel writer trumps other Apostle,
-Martyr trumps non-martyr,
-any before 800 trumps any after 800 except Doctors of the Church,
-female Doctor trumps male, in fact, in general, female trumps male,
-married trumps unmarried,
-hermit trumps worker who trumps philosopher who trumps theologian who trumps monk who trumps clergy,
-more than 5 miracles worked during lifetime trump geographical and occupational trumps,
-Africa trumps all other regions, East trumps West until 1054,reverse afterwards.
More rules, some modifications as soon as I can think of them.

ARGUMENT Yesterday between me, the might-be-an-idealist who really thinks that the outside world can be shown incontrovertibly to exist on idealist premises, and the Smudger who thinks this position a pile of shit. He claims I'm quining physical objects, no, actually, I'm pretending to Quine physical objects.
I've never really been any good at epistemology, a defect that must be remedied before I graduate...

SRECKO KATANEC , an integral part of the scudetto-winning Sampdoria side of 1990-91 led Slovenia to two major tournaments before resigning after the 2002 World Cup. He's since been hired and fired by Olympiakos Piraeus and is currrently unattached as best as I can tell.

AARON RINGERA is almost certainly the best man for the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority Director's job. He has held the job before, he's a very competent judge, he's widely known for the quality and independence of his mind, and in a sense he's owed the job after all the crap the previous administration pulled on him when he last held it.
The anti's need to buy a clue: the constitutional issue is non-existent; he can certainly resign from the judiciary before taking up the job - the separation of powers could only possibly be threatened if he continued to serve as a judge after starting his new job, and the fact that he's GEMA is neither here nor there, or rather ought NOT to be either here or there, but has been brought into play by people who at this stage in Kenyan history really ought to know better.
Yes, I'm a Ringera-ist.

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