Friday, January 23, 2004

SONGS in my head today: I Love your smile [Shanice], Can't Hurry Love [The Supremes] and more MOTOWN classics. Shanice, listened to properly for the first time since I was a second former, and yes, the song is just as good as it was in nostalgia.

SAINT OF THE DAY St. Vincent (died 304). Born in Spain, Deacon and Martyr. Killed in Valencia during the reign of Diocletian. Known to St. Augustine among others. Sometimes considered patron of vinedressers in Spain.

Batman Forever
Batman: Commissioner Gordon?
Dr. Chase Meridian: He's at home. I sent the signal.
Batman: What's wrong?
Dr. Chase Meridian: Last night, at the bank, I noticed something about Two-Face. His coin. It's his Achilles' heel. It can be exploited.
Batman: I know. You called me here for this? The Batsignal is not a beeper.
Dr. Chase Meridian: Well I wish I could say that my interest in you was... purely professional.
Batman: You trying to get under my cape, doctor?
Dr. Chase Meridian: A girl can't live by psychoses alone.
Batman: It's the car, right? Chicks love the car.
Dr. Chase Meridian: What is it about the wrong kind of man? In grade school it was guys with earrings. College, motorcycles, leather jackets. Now, oh, black rubber.
Batman: Try firemen, less to take off.
Dr. Chase Meridian: I don't mind the work. Pity I can't see behind the mask.
Batman: We all wear masks.
Dr. Chase Meridian: My life's an open book. You read?
Batman: I don't blend in at a family picnic.
Dr. Chase Meridian: Oh, we could give it a try. I'll bring the wine, you bring your scarred psyche.
Batman: Direct, aren't you?
Dr. Chase Meridian: You like strong women. I've done my homework. Or do I need skin-tight vinyl and a whip?
Batman: I haven't had that much luck with women.
Dr. Chase Meridian: Maybe you just haven't met the right woman...

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones: "How did you know she was a Nazi? "
Professor Henry Jones: "She talks in her sleep."

Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
Rebel Rebel you've torn your dress
Rebel Rebel your face is a mess
Rebel Rebel how could they know
Hot tramp I love you so.

La Corriere Dello Sport (ages go)
'...But to the great teams, the imprint of grenius has always been indispensable. Look at Milan, so perfect and calibrated in all its mechanisms, but unexpectedly vulnerable without the sublime whims of Savijcevic. Baggio can't be measured just by his goals...he is the lethal weapon against desperate situations, days that go wrong, games which are bewitched.'

MOI seems to be decisively incriminated in Goldenberg. Link is from the Standard today and might not be active tomorrow. Nation link is here and this will definitely change tomorrow. I'll put up a permanent link next update. More...

On HEIDEGGER today, the miracle of revision; I know nothing about him now, but I'll know enough by three o'clock to take an exam...Exams in general have alternated between sublimity and shitness.
Slightly more considered thoughts when I've actually done with them.

UNITED loss to Wolves. Pace the boozeman, a one-off. Keane looked his age on the day, which was wholly unexpected. All will be well soon, once they return from the Dubai break, get Saha integrated and put a couple of games under their belts.
We keep paying a bloody premium for players! Saha is good but (the reported) £12 million is silly money.

NEW NUNCIO to Burundi, after recent tragic events. Link here

THE PASSION I'll have more on this next update. Seems contradictory statements are being issued by various people who should know better.

SAF! This joke is BLEEDING to DEATH! Stop!

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