Tuesday, January 13, 2004

SONGS in my head today: Loser [Beck]. Spooky, just because I was humming the tune (semi-consciously) AND talking to someone German last night and inevitably "sprechen sie Deutsch auf, baby", popped out (luckily, not undeniably loudly). I have yet to live down the embarrassment. Must engage with world more.

SAINT of the day: St. Hilary of Poitiers (315?-368), convert from paganism, exile, defender of orthodoxy against the Arians and Doctor of the Church

MORE wonderful adventures. During a visit today to the local mental-health facility in the (very enjoyable) company of Bombadil and Plato, we were challenged to a game of pool by a lady who was
1.clearly not entirely sane.
2. By her own admisssion, unaware of the rules. (She was sure she could learn though).
Plato, having the size, experience in dealing with unusual social situations and general air of authority that I entirely lack, proceeded to explain the vital regulations in a deliberately vague manner. Which is how I ended up paying attention in pin-drop silence to the lady's increasingly skilful attempts to scoop the balls into the pockets using her cue.

CHEWING cinnamon sticks is a surprisingly pleasant alternative to smoking. As is indulging other vices. My excuse anyway, for recent gluttony.

UC SAMPDORIA I've loved them since watching the game they played in 1990-91 away to Juve. Ended 0-0, but it was a game of beauty, (I didn't know it was possible to enjoy nil-all draws) Attilio Lombardo was dashing down the wing, Mancini and Vialli were together up front and Pietro Vierchowod was dominating attackers in most steely fashion at the back. Also, what names! Invernizzi, Mannini, Katanec, Mikhailichenko and others, all to be memorised and repeated in awe later... Sampdoria duly won the one and only scudetto in their history that year. I followed all their games that season and the next, and have loved them from afar with gradually diminishing ardour, until very recently, when I came across their site here. The affair has been rekindled. Has anyone got old Panini stickers from 1990-91 to sell?

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