Thursday, June 02, 2005

Kenyan Blogger Meetup.

First, let me acknowledge that Mato has beaten me to this.

All the same, I'd like to propose a Kenyan blogger meetup. I'm thinking Nairobi in late July/early August. It'd be a wonderful chance to get to know each other better, and to compare barbecue skills.

You'll notice that I haven't got a venue, but I have some ideas...

I'd be delighted to hear from people regarding how/when/where to meet up, and would also be happy to combine efforts with anyone who wants to do the same, or has experience with it. (I'm thinking of you Nicholas Gichu& Martin Kimani)

What say you?

I'm it, apparently.

I've been tagged by WM, so here goes:

Total number of films I own on DVD/Video.

7 or so, including such gems as The Treble Season Review, and Au revoir Cantona.

Last film I watched.

So memorable I don't remember it...

Five films I watch often or that mean a lot to me.

Batman Forever: I know, I know. In my defence: I was particularly impressionable at the time, and I have been unable to unimpress myself since. All style and no substance, but what style.

Clerks: Kevin Smith peaked early. Great dialogue, bizarre and bizzarely believable situations, and the petit-bourgeois-analyis-of- Star-Wars scene is magic.

The Life of O-Haru: Ever wondered what it was like being a woman in medieval Japan?

LOTR. For immensely obvious reasons.

Cry Freedom: Great story; and because when I went to see it with my Dad, some loud guy three rows from the front gave away the final twist half an hour from the end.

The Matrix: Because it made philosophers (and dream skepticism) cool (if only very briefly). And because Colin McGinn was moved to write this, and David Chalmers was moved to write that.

the Sqatsi trilogy. Awesome Imagery + Philip Glass Score + Romanticisation Of Poverty = Puzzling and Strangely Satisfying Experience.

Five people I'd like to do this:

Exlaodiceans, Migz, Medusa, Rob Jubb, Kimani, MadKenyanWoman and Memoire.