Friday, July 02, 2004

a good man comes to the end of his tether.

Oliver Plunkett, martyred in 1681, is the Saint of the day.

the Sacrificezone is a quite outstandingly well done text-only-interface blog. Go, marvel.

Do pay a visit to Berenike, her witty comment on the events of the day is sure to entertain and inform.

The recent cabinet reshuffle is heart-breaking. Kibaki has finally succumbed to the old men in the shadows, and handed them the spoils they sought. His motives cannot have been other than the usual ethnic balancing (cf. William Ole Ntimama - surely the most unappealing man ever to speak in public in Kenya), and plain old-fashioned expediency (cf. the reinstatement of Njenga Karume, and the demotion of Kalonzo Musyoka). No one can deny that decisive action to put an end to the LDP-inspired infighting was neccessary, but the President seems to have gone out of his way to appoint the most objectionable people possible just because he could.
One hates to agree with Joseph Kamotho, but he is entirely right to point out that the reshuffle is quite possibly unconstitutional, because it contradicts some of the provisions of the MOU.

And Professor Ghai has resigned from the CKRC as well...the BBC report is reasonably thorough.

'Always on Top' by Edward Said from the archives of the London Review of Books.

'In the Waiting Room Of History' by Amit Chaudhuri, also from the LRB.

model of east-facing cloister of Novy Dur. John Pawson via eyestorm.

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