Monday, July 05, 2004

articulate outrage...

SAINT of the day is St. Zoe, martyred about 286 at the Emperor Diocletian's behest.

Dominic Odipo on the reshuffle, in today's Standard: "Let us call a spade a spade. What we have now is a government of special, establishmentarian, private interests whose primary objective is to hold on to the levers, trappings and fruits of power, regardless of the primary interests of the Kenyan voter on whose back it rides."

Here's something I missed earlier: John Githongo, Permanent Secretary in charge of ethics and Governance in the Office of the President has been moved to the Ministry of Justice. His appointment to the permanent secretaryship by NARC was a powerful statement of the strength of their determination to root out corruption in public life. His demotion is an equally powerful statement of how the ruling party's priorities have changed. All-Africa, mentalacrobatics and the US government have all noticed.

jonathan freedland on minimalism.

Art, minimal and conceptual only.

Victory of Samothrace [Yves Klein]

Conclusive proof that chewing veve really is good for you, from the scientists at King's College.

Stop hiphop - a gentle deflation of John McWhorter in the guardian. Link shamelessly stolen from aldaily

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