Wednesday, July 07, 2004

and he's back

SAINT of the day is St. Pantænus.

John Githongo, Permanent Secretary Ethics and Governance, and quite possibly the most courageous and inventive public servant in post-independence Kenya [well, after D.G. Njoroge], has been restored to the Office of the President, following protests by our 'development partners' over his demotion in the recent Cabinet reshuffle. Once again, national economic policy at the highest level is being made for us. Worse, the donors seem to represent the short-term interests of the Kenyan public better than the administration does.

Here's a pre-rally briefing-cum-manifesto issued before last Saturday's gathering, which, sadly, proved prescient:
"...Kibaki alleged tribalism on the part of those insisting that due process be followed and the popular constitution be adopted, without amendment, by Parliament. The majority ethnic nationality in Kenya, the Kikuyu, he alleged, were under threat by the constitution as drafted and by its supporters. In fact, the issue is one of class, not ethnicity...[There is]the real possibility of political violence being directed against the proponents of the new constitution. Already rumours are swirling through Nairobi that anti-constitution forces are seeking to use hired thugs to disrupt the Uhuru Park rally. Prominent pro-constitution activists are also being attacked in the mainstream media for 'leading efforts to undermine the government'..."

- Philosopher of the Month at the Philosophers' Magazine is Albert Camus.

- Slate approves of John Kerry's choice of running-mate.

- On why Islam does NOT need a Reformation. [Yet another link shamelessly stolen from]

- Review of a new collection of Evelyn Waugh's travel writing. [From First Things].

- debate about multiculturalism. [access may require registration]

Goat's Horns with Red - Georgia O'Keeffe [scan from Mark Harden at the]

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