Wednesday, November 19, 2003

songs in my head today: idje idje (Angelique Kidjo), Oxala (Madredeus), have a look at ethnotechno while we're on the subject, by the way.

Saint of the day (drumroll) is Agnes of Assisi. More here, and here as well.
Saint of the day November 21 will be Pope St. Gelasius, in addition to being commemoration of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Gelasius was the last African pope and reigned 492-496. His Catholic encyclopaedia entry here . He canonised St. George, and stood firm on the point of papal primacy against the attacks of amongst others, the Emperor Anastasius .

What would you do if your Mum found your blog, eh? Schadenfreude alert! here

A great Zadie Smith short story about (naturally) American writers' hair, here

Many thanks to Eve Tushnet for her recommendation. I think it is anyway.

Off, believe it or not, to a Heidegger tutorial now.

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