Monday, November 17, 2003

Songs in my head today; Ashes to Ashes (Bowie), Rebel Rebel (Bowie, again), By the way (chilli peppers), Waterloo Sunset (kinks).

Crisis of the week is that there are five essays due in a fortnight. All the writing up must be done this week or at least in the next 10 days. As always, I'm hugely disinclined to do any work whatsoever, but i will be dragging myself out of bed regularly now, if only because i can see the finish line...

One of them is about Nietzsche's conception of philosophy. Usually (I think) studying a philosopher will make you sympathetic to (at least) something about them. It's interesting (and noticeable even to my lecturer) that as the course has gone along, my antipathy towards Nietzsche has ballooned. I can't wait to see the back of him. Strangely, reading him isn't a chore at all, it's the actual philosophy I can't be doing with.

Kenya's result against Tanzania is why I'm grinning stupidly and have been for some time now. Well, that and England's loss. And Scotland's win.
I was watching Scotland in the pub when it was helpfully pointed out by The Smudger(with no little force) that Holland play in orange. Now this is one of those things that i've noticed about 29 million times before but never actually paid attention to. Shall we say that I went from being pro-Scotland to actively anti-dutch? (and yes I know that wasn't particularly rational, thanks). On this theme, much entertainment can be found here , very little of it intentional.

very interesting debate about capitalism (or maybe just what a cross-section of Kenyans think about it. Here

Has anybody seen the Kenya rich list that was supposedly in the Sunday Nation yesterday (16/11/03)? By all accounts, (mashada mostly) it was hugely interesting reading...

The Museveni daughter saga. Which I've only just found out about. More here , and here
Lovely picture of the first family here

Very good defence of drinking by the Old Oligarch here
The Old Oligarch is always a stimulating read. Highly recommended, as is Eve Tushnet Whenever I point my browser her way, there's a tingle of anticipation; "what hyper-analytical vignette will I read today?" runs the thought. You can't really ask for much more from a blog. While I'm going on about this, check out the Dostoevsky drinking game

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