Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Iceman Goeth

In the early 90's, in my part of the world, they used to show Italian football on the telly. A feast for the imagination (of this little boy anyway). I remember seeing Bergkamp play for Inter, and even then knowing that he was enduring a crap time, and deserving of the respect and sympathy due to the master craftsman forced to work in inferior material.

So what was he thinking moving to Arsenal

Dunno, but without ever making the fullest possible use of his talent, he prospered mightily. I'm grateful to have seen him play*, and for this absolutely sublime goal, thanks.

*For all the usual reasons but also because he was a particularly pure instantiation of the form of the flair player willing and able to stick an elbow in when invention was insufficient. But this was difficult to spot unless you were watching at relatively close quarters.

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