Tuesday, August 10, 2004

our betrayal is complete

ST. LAWRENCE today. Roasted to death. Patron saint of cooks. Medieval humour.

"it was ... along the byways of philosophical investigation that grace awaited her": a day too late to remember Edith Stein properly, still, a saint I've got to know recently as I make a more-than-usually-desultory effort to get through her biography. Co-patroness of Europe and phenomenologist(!)

UN LAUNCHES FOOD AID APPEAL FOR KENYA: following His Slothfulness's recent declaration that the imminent food shortfall constituted a 'national disaster', the UN has begun collecting the $96.5 million required to enable collection and distribution of relief supplies. Not a moment too soon. The relationship between Kenyans and NARC is now positively abusive.

ANIMAL FARM REDUX: Or how the NP is so power-hungry it will do anything - even disslove itself into the ANC- to stay there or thereabouts. The most outrageous thing about this is how little outrage there is about it.

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