Wednesday, March 24, 2004


"Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite is a contagious disease. 'O Craque' is his nickname in Brazil which means 'the Phenomenon'. In Italy he is better known as Kaka, but who admires him play waste their energy making comparisons involving the best ever. The lords of football can take their seats because the child from Brasilia is simply unique. Disarming in his style of play, essential, linear even among the worst tackles. He almost gives rise to suspicion that he is the perfect outcome of some biochemical experiment. Ricardo has everything of everyone. He has the crystalline class typical of the South Americans, a teutonic coldness, an Anglo-Saxon strength, a Kenyan stamina, the speed of a cheetah. But who is Kaka? There is no answer because the phenomenon involved seems intentioned to impress again at least for a decade. An extraordinary icon of the most appreciated football, Ricky is a real cataract for the eyes of the football lovers who are so absorbed in rubbing their eyes at each of his creations. Since he landed in Italy, he has also taken on the name 'Ciro', like a cunning and shrewd street urchin. You'll be much tackled in Serie A he was told before his move. To avoid this he has learnt to shoot from distance, regularly and effectively. Extraordinary Ricardo, the dream man, he has everything from everyone, even the face of a Golden Ball winner. How is it possible, he has just arrived in Italy? Yes, what's the problem? Let's just enjoy this wonderful and unique talent for what he is..." from