Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Songs in my head today, everything on La Boheme sung by Pavarotti et al.

Saint of the day is Lazarus, as in : "Lazarus, Come Forth!" (Robert Powell, 1977, Jesus of Nazareth, the miniseries)

Let's play a little game, right? How many anti-Kenyatta references can you spot in this poem?

A cockerel crows
as a broken axe
Falls at your feet.
Disarmed by time
You stand unashamed,
Crying 'it is not fair'.
Tied by your own hate traps
And fouled by the urine
of your flag bearers,
you have gambled away
the labours of the motherland
entered trade with death
to batter humanity
with the wave of a flywhisk.
You have locked up the fires
Of living youth,
Damned in the torrents
of conscience
and drenched your entrails
with greed and pride.

But you have lost the bet
and your line shall we
Bury the stool of your mother's house
for vengeance is unleashed
and contempt is in our spittle.
And as public office
Zigzags corrupt
like the trail of a drunken whore
that menstruates,
and as gunmen freely execute
insane commands
We know that the time
has come to kill,
To cleanse,
To free our motherland
From the grip of a gambler.

-H.W.O. Okoth-Ogendo-

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