Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Ok, i'm almost done here. The links and the final template modification thing(ie)s will be up by the end of next week.

On my way over here, I saw
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  • out of the corner of my eye and proceeded to read it. I'm tired just thinking of the obtuseness of sociologists now...

    I've recently discovered that Whispers is very ill. For those unfamiliar with his writing, Wahome Mutahi aka Whispers is Kenya's leading satirist of politics and society. He has written a weekend column for the Sunday Nation for more than ten years and his books and plays are widely read and performed.
    He was detained by the Moi (mal)administration and showed his strength of character by coming through that unharmed. That courage is likely to see him through this difficult time too.
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  • a link to the Sunday Nation report of the story.

    The Beckham saga sparked into life (again)over the weekend. There have been reports in most of the broadsheets and almost all the tabloids that Peter Kenyon has been/ is in talks with Barcelona officials about a possible transfer. The figure being quoted is £30 million which is, admittedly, very good money.
    I have to say that I hope he doesn't go to Barcelona; apart from anything else, they aren't going to be in the Champion's League next year and that can't be good for his game or his endorsements, and they are in transition (and how), the upshot is that he probably wouldn't win anything with them.

    As the Times report said then, AC Milan or Real are a more realistic choice.
    Whatever, it doesn't seem to make any sense to sell him now, when the market for footballers is as depressed as it's been in a long while. He's a big girl's blouse but he's OUR big girl's blouse, I genuinely hope he can be persuaded not to leave, but if they're going to get rid of him, they'd better make as much off the sale as they possibly can and spend it on decent replacements.
    Just a thought, with Ronaldinho likely to sign for us and Seamen confirming that he's off to Citeh
  • today
  • on a one year deal, at least two games are certain to entertain next season...

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